noun /emˈbädəm(ə)nt/

“The awareness of our body’s sensations, habits, and the beliefs that inform them. Embodiment requires the ability to feel and allow the body’s emotions. This embodied awareness is necessary to realign what we do with what we believe”

~Prentis Hemphill

Soulful Embodied Connections: Mentorship for Helping Professionals

The desire for movement and connection are some of the deepest, earliest human needs. Colonization has forcefully separated most of us from being able to consistently feel our body/mind/spirit as one. Oppressive systems and ideologies have separated us from our inherent connection to the natural world, as well as from each other. The modern world suffers from a lack of community and lack of spaces of true acceptance, which requires acknowledging and embracing of our differences. White supremacy, patriarchy and capitalism compels us to minimize the importance of connection and relationship, and instead to value power, achievement, and intellect at all costs.

Our collective is facing this wound – clients are suffering, helping professionals are suffering. In part, because of a lack of spaces that can embrace the layers of what it means to hold complexity in group spaces. Together, Tajah and Rachael teach and support the practice of embodiment around how to mindfully and artistically navigate identity differences, power, and being of service.


Soulful Embodied Conversations: The Podcast

Listen in as Tajah and Rachael contemplate how to support humans in connecting across different sociocultural locations & identities in an embodied way. How can we as humans begin to re-member the connections that have been so violently severed – with each other, with the natural world, with Spirit & with our ancestors? This is an experiential podcast for helping professionals, activists, and anyone interested in doing it differently. The invitation is to mindfully listen in, feel, move your body and engage with your own spiritual practices right along with us.

Listen Here: COMING SOON


Tending the Heart of the Therapist

A process group for therapists. Sit by the fire, be held in a community of other therapists, and reignite your passion to be of service to the world.

The past few years have been a wild ride for helping professionals. This group is intended to be a space for the helpers to be held. We will blend the use of rhythm, movement, connection with the natural world and interpersonal process to support therapists in nourishing themselves and deepening their clear sight as healers.


~Pay it forward: $200 per week

~Pay in full: $150 per week

~Pay less: $100 per week

Registration required. Spots are limited. 15 minute discovery call required in order to register.



An immersion is a group centered deep dive into embodiment work. This format allows participants to deepen into the work over an extended period of time (1-3 days), and to become more comfortable practicing and sharing their experiences with each other.