Tajah Schall, LPC, R-DMT is a cisgender, Black, queer woman with roots in Philadelphia (Lenni-Lenape land). She is a dancer, musician, song catcher, poet and mama of two bi-racial children. Professionally, Tajah is a somatic psychotherapist & dance/movement therapist working in private practice in Denver, CO. She is a social justice counselor and consultant, who is deeply committed to examining her own identities, both of privilege and marginalization, in a loving and embodied way. Tajah works to uplift and validate the experiences of folks in marginalized bodies, and to support folks in privileged bodies to recognize their privilege without getting stuck in shame or sucked into a savior complex.


Rachael Collins, LPC, ACS, BC-DMT is a cisgender, autistic, queer white woman. She is a mother, a weaver, a teacher, a somatic psychotherapist, shamanic practitioner, and Lead Clinical Instructor for Naropa University’s Somatic Counseling program. Rachael specializes in utilizing body based, relational and creative approaches with folks experiencing complex trauma and neurodiversity. As well as mentoring other clinicians in truly taking their seat. Her current area of exploration is in bridging the seen and unseen within our bodies and oppressive systems surrounding us in order to support folks in finding more integration, wholeness and integrity.


Together, Tajah and Rachael are committed to creating accessible offerings that explore how to deeply move into embodied connections with self, others, the natural world and Spirit. They are invested in the exploration of how we can remember and reconnect to what makes us human as well as what makes us divine. In a way that honors our different bodies and life experiences, makes space for rupture and repair, and lifts up our shared humanness. Rachael and Tajah hold space for folks to feel and move with their experience of collective grief, as we witness oppressive systems begin to crumble around us. Their co-facilitation brings a depth of experience in weaving together rhythm, movement and interpersonal process to support deeper understanding and connection.

Tajah Sahar Schall MA, LPC, R-DMT

I provide somatic (body-based), social justice oriented counseling to individuals, couples and families of all sociocultural backgrounds. I support adolescents and their families through the unique and often difficult time of transition by incorporating movement, nature and rites of passage into the therapeutic process.


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